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Data Piranti Utama

Based in Badung-Bali, Data Piranti Utama is an ICT Managed Services that focus on network installation for CCTV, Data Network, WiFi and Telephony (IP PABX). Having experiences as executor in several projects in retail companies, factories and hotels is our strength to become your trusted business partner. We proudly collaborate with professional principles and resources to perfect our strengths to meet your business needs. Get the best products and services from us now!

  • Perum The Cultural 3B Jl. Penganyutan Br. Pasekan Buduk, Mengwi-Badung, Bali
  • +62 857 3835 5909

Our Skills

We are confident on:

WiFi Hotspot 90%
CCTV 70%
PABX/Telephony 95%
System Integrator 60%

ICT Infrastructure

Data is critical assets of any business.Nowadays data is the most valuable to create business plan. Find out how we deliver your ICT Infrastructure needs at best standard.

Smart (People)Counting System

Explore out smart (people)counting system to make marketing, promotion strategy for your hotel, beach club or retail shop.

ICT Maintenance Services

Keep focus with your business objective and let us focus to maintain all of your ICT equiptment;CCTV, Internet and PABX.


In order to attend enhanced customer satisfaction. We offers the PABX system to increase staff efficiency at reduced operational cost and overheads. Get competitive price for ALCATEL, YEASTAR, LG NORTEL, TRANSTEL and also the telephone set Alcatel, Teledex, Telematrix(Cotel) etc

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras such as Samsung, HIKVISION, DAHUA, Panasonic, Edge, Geovision etc.

Fast support

1x24 Hour Support Services

  • Command Dasar PABX Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise

    Command Dasar untuk PABX Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise merupakan command tools yang digunakan untuk melakukan maintenance maupun troubleshoot PABX Alcatel baik Crystal hardware maupun common hardware selama system OmniPCX Enterprise atau OXE. Command Dasar ini diperoleh dari PABX OmniPCX Relase 12 keatas dimana saat login ke PABX ada guidance listtool untuk menampilkan command-command tersebut. 

    Image by: DPU - Bali Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise

    Here is the list of specific commands usable by all users:

    • cpu_ready : <description to be filled>
    • listtool : list of specific commands
    • mnt4615 : A4615 maintenance tool
    • rst4615 : reset A4615 VMU
    • scpu : send message to CPU
    • simdeport : Equipment replacement or visualisation
    • simtrace : Redirection of messages from the cpu to a coupler
    • tcyc : all cyclical test activation
    • domstat : Display Domain Info
    • intipstat : Int Ip Information
    • ippsim : PCMM2 Simulation Mode
    Here is the list of specific commands usable by mtcl:
    • abcchain : check notification and facilities chainage
    • acdhtml : Make html file for acd
    • acdsup : Display acd configuration
    • acrlist : Send a message to the associated node and wait for the answer
    • actdbg : active traces for debug
    • agacd : Display agent parameters
    • agfsb : Display agent parameters for forseeable wait
    • alarmrel : alarm relay:change state, incidents, info
    • antdiv : correct antenna diversity field in DB and remanents
    • asn1chain : check asn1 chainage
    • attag : List of attached agent in a processing group
    • autor2 : internal datas of R2
    • aux4600 : Q23 detector state of a 4600 rack
    • aux5400 : Q23 detector state of a 5400 rack
    • bascul : switch over on the twin CPU
    • bbc2stat : Statistics on BBC2 boards
    • bckdebug : Call Server : Back up signaling link information
    • boardinfo : Display board info
    • call_ident : data of busy trunk and it's peer
    • callbstat : internal datas of call back service
    • calledfilt : List of called filtering parameter
    • callprof : call profile
    • ccdcom : Display ccd application number
    • ccdn : CCDn Routage
    • cckpis_reader : Read CC KPIs files
    • ccstat : call completion internal datas
    • cdtstat : <description to be filled>
    • cfnstat : Display meet me conference structure
    • cmdcpl : toolbox for IP boards
    • cnx : <description to be filled>
    • cnx_eqt : for agreement:forces connexion
    • code_debug : active code of debug
    • compvisu : compression tool
    • config : all coupler's status
    • config_gsm : GSM notification configuration
    • configold : coupler's status before last save of ops files
    • country_code : Country codes
    • cpl_online : online debug of standard couplers
    • cplalrm : alarms of one board
    • cplstat : one coupler's datas
    • cplton : couplers broadcasting tonas
    • cryptview : Network encryption status
    • csiprestart : Restart a SIP extension
    • csipsets : List of configured SIP extensions
    • csipview : List of SIP extensions in communication
    • csta : Display interactiv queueing table
    • csta_data : CSTA data
    • cstabuf : CSTA buffer
    • cstacheck : CSTA Check List
    • cstainfo : CSTA remanents
    • cstatrans : CSTA transitions search
    • cstatrk : Display csta monitoring of trunk group
    • ctxacd : Display dialog context data
    • ctxretry : Display dialog contexts in wait for ack list
    • ctxsendmsg : Send message between contexts
    • ctxstate : Change the dialog context state
    • datastat : <description to be filled>
    • debug_cpl : active debug in UA coupler
    • dectarea : Dect localization area display
    • dectclean : dect-roaming data clean
    • dectdbg : Debug of Dect handset
    • decteasy : Easy Dect installation tool
    • dectinfo : Display of Dect global information
    • dectinstoff : Dect installation : end
    • dectinston : Dect installation : begin
    • dectipuio : translate ABPQMCDU to IPUI_O
    • dectisoloff : Dect coupler isolation : end
    • dectisolon : Dect coupler isolation : begin
    • dectlocreq : dect suggest locate_req
    • dectmaster : Set Dect Frame Sync master coupler
    • dectnwkdbg : Debug of Dect network
    • dectrestart : Restart dect application
    • dectrm : Remove handset IPUI
    • dectsets : List of Dect handsets configured
    • dectview : Dect status
    • demi_com : demi_com datas
    • demi_com_fr : description of a frame relay half-com
    • demi_com_sup : description of a support channel frame relay
    • didtest : test datas of did table
    • disastat : Displays the DISA details
    • distrirule : Display parameters of a distribution rule
    • distristat : <description to be filled>
    • domstat : Display Domain Info
    • downstat : download and couplers
    • dspstat : DSP status on coupler
    • dsstat : Desk sharing sets visualisation
    • dump_bbc2 : all about BBC2 board
    • edcustom : Priority, TIR and conference
    • emerlist : Emergency list data
    • entitystat : <description to be filled>
    • eqstat : equipment datas
    • ermahisto : eRMA historic visualisation
    • excvisu : displays systems exceptions (backtraces)
    • forcenoe : forcenoe tool
    • fsnestat : Displays the FSNE Parameters
    • getnode : node number for prompt
    • gfu : GFU
    • grpopestat : <description to be filled>
    • help : informations on tools
    • helpacd : Update acdv2 data station
    • hybvisu : display hybrid accesses information
    • iaa : Display Integrated Auto Attendant information
    • ibsstat : list of all ibs in service
    • inccpt : <description to be filled>
    • increset : reset of incidents
    • info_he : <description to be filled>
    • infocs : synchronisation datas
    • ini_tab_us : reinitialize it US/USCVG
    • inserv : in-service coupler
    • int155stat : INT155 connexions
    • intint : INT couplers
    • intipstat : Int Ip Information
    • ioipdisplay : IOIP board remote crystal signalisation automaton
    • ipldebug : Ip Link Trace activation
    • iplink_restart : Ip Link stop Before Shutdown
    • ippsim : PCMM2 Simulation Mode
    • ippstat : Ip Phone visualisation
    • lanpbxbuild : lanpbx.cfg tool for Ip tftp configuration
    • lanpbxmipt : lanpbx-mipt.cfg tool for Mipt tftp configuration
    • limitstat : maximum values of system
    • liostat : statistics on LIO boards
    • list : set of pretty listing tools for sets
    • list_catjr : list of all trunk categories with their type
    • list_faisc : list of all trunkgroups  with their type and prefix number
    • listag : Display dynamic state of affected agent
    • listdnd : do not disturb sets
    • listen : timeslot connexion
    • listerm : list of terminals
    • listfwd : forwarded terminals
    • listibs : list of ibs
    • listincall : Gives established communication
    • listloc : list of locked sets
    • listout : isolated resources
    • listrpn : list of all rpn
    • lkvisu : list of all links node by node
    • locefdis : <description to be filled>
    • logag : List of affected agent in a processing group
    • lookars : rout list configuration
    • lookgram : <description to be filled>
    • looknpd : Numbering Plan Descriptor configuration
    • looknumin : Numbering plan descriptor on arrival
    • lookvpn : VPN overflow config.: display and control
    • loop : forces connexion PCM on jonct
    • ltcyc : cyclic tests datas
    • miptsets : mipt phone set informations
    • miptview : mipt phone set in communication
    • mnt_alr : alarm counter on jonctor
    • mntahlip : ahltcp maintenance tool
    • mod_vg_start : <description to be filled>
    • modconf : Modular conference circuit configuration
    • msglevel : Display information elements of dialog context messages
    • multidevice : Multi Device Details
    • neqt_log : datas of virtual phone sets
    • nomadic : nomadic sets maintenance tool
    • nsipsets : List of configured NOE-SIP extensions
    • nsipview : List of NOE-SIP extensions in communication
    • ocupjonc : <description to be filled>
    • opstat : operators status
    • opsup : real-time attendant supervisor
    • ost_binsync : OST tool for binary sync ost manually
    • ost_importlog : OST tool for importing log files from ost
    • ost_restart : OST tool for restarting ost manually
    • ostfilecp : OST tool for copying the log files from ost
    • outserv : out-of-service coupler
    • param_dyn : Dump of a coupler dynamic parameters
    • parm5400 : time-out values of a 5400 rack
    • patchus : modify US software
    • pbxstat : datas of pbx groups
    • pcotstat : <description to be filled>
    • pcsview : Passive Com Server information
    • pgacd : Display processing group data
    • pgctx : Display dialog context of a remote pg
    • pgwq : Display call selection params of distribution dir
    • pgwqlist : Display queue list of a processing group
    • pilacd : Display pilot data
    • pildstctx : Display pilot destination contexts
    • pilotrule : Display parameters of a pilot rule
    • pilstat : Display pilot stat data
    • pingctx : Send a message to the associated ctx and wait for the answer
    • piwq : Display parameters of a routing direction
    • piwqlist : Display queue list of a pilot
    • piwqpg : Display queue and processing group list of pilot
    • poorars : Display poor signalling route ARS data
    • postlog : with logical number:phone sets datas
    • public_tsl : public translator
    • qatool : Provide information to QA automatic testing tool
    • qslac_z2 : Dump of a Z2 coupler qslac data
    • r2_5400 : R2 detector state of a 5400 rack
    • rack_table : informations associated to one crystal
    • razam : Reset the waiting queue
    • razlimit : Reset busy IT counter
    • razpil : razpil
    • raztrkacd : Reset trunk group ACD call counter
    • razwq : razwq
    • readbbox : context before backtrace (black box)
    • readfile : Display or update agent order number data file
    • readhead : current version of one file
    • readkey : read informations in keys of digital sets
    • reinit : reset of terminal
    • rem_gfu : Remanents GFU
    • remoteghosts : List of configured ghosts Z for remote extension
    • remoteinfo : Display of remote extension global informations
    • remoterestart : Restart remote extension network layer
    • remotesets : List of configured remote extensions
    • remoteview : List of remote extensions in communication
    • represent : representation of connexion
    • rsiwtdtime : RSI forseeable waiting time announcement table
    • rst_servroute : Reset the service route address
    • rstabcfcounter : Resets the value of nb_abc_sip_cnx for the trunk
    • rstcpl : reset of coupler
    • rstdspcpl : DSP or embedded function reset
    • rsthyb : reset of hybrid links
    • rstio1 : reset of IO1
    • rtpstat : statistics RTP on IP boards
    • rule : Display dynamic state of rules (pilot and distribution)
    • rzmfr : <description to be filled>
    • rzqueue : <description to be filled>
    • scpl : send message to coupler
    • sendall : <description to be filled>
    • setCCE : Set on|off CCE Client
    • setCCW : Set on|off CCW Client
    • setdate : update date on numeric terminals
    • sigtrace : Signalling trace
    • simulacc : artere locale simulation
    • sip : List the tools available for SIP
    • sipTraceInit : Sipmotor trace init tool
    • sipacces : SIP Trunk Group Acces
    • sipauth : SIP authentification
    • sipdict : SIP dictionnary
    • sipdump : Sipmotor resources dump tool
    • sipextgw : SIP External gateways dump
    • sipextusers : List of configured SIP devices with Ext Gateway
    • sipgateway : SIP Gate way
    • sipmotor_stop : Sipmotor stop Before Shutdown
    • sippool : SIP External gateways pool
    • sipsecurityinfo : Info about SIP security parameters
    • smartms : active traces in mailsys
    • sosm_cpl : SOSM cpl
    • ss7stat : Gives signalling connexions with SS7 Network
    • statenode : Display state of each node in the network
    • stopdbg : stop traces for debug
    • stringref : Display string references on Tiny
    • substires : <description to be filled>
    • suitlog : affichage des donnees hotel
    • supgpbx : GPBX supervisor
    • suuchain : internal datas for SUU
    • synchro : force synchronization
    • t2chain : check mess_t2 chainage
    • ta_prifa : dialling prefixes for trunks
    • tab__aux : cadences of tonalities
    • tab_aux_us : detectors back US
    • tab_fr_crct : <description to be filled>
    • tab_it_spyd : BRA/PRA/UA couplers
    • tab_ua : terminals on UA couplers
    • tab_ua_typ : datas of UA terminals
    • tabag : List of agent
    • tabcallprof : call profile table
    • tabctx : Display dialog contexts list
    • tabeqt : with coupler index:coupler equipment number
    • tabnodectx : Display dialog contexts list associated to node
    • tabopcstat : <description to be filled>
    • tabpg : List of processing groups
    • tabpil : List of pilots
    • tabpilstat : List of pilot stat
    • tabranfilt : List of caller filtering parameter
    • tabrasfo : callback table for trunks
    • tabskill : skill
    • tabskilldom : skill domain
    • tabtemp : table of delays
    • tabwq : List of queues
    • tabwtd : Display Waiting Time Dependant table
    • taux : cyclical test on detectors
    • tb_acces_t0 : T0 access datas
    • tbr : Changing DECT behaviour to desired TBR
    • tcalledfilt : List of called filtering number
    • tcpl : cyclical test on coupler
    • term_online : online debug of NOE TDM devices
    • terminfo : links on demi-com
    • termstat : terminal status
    • tftp_check : IP phones binary update activity check tool
    • tracerus : trace events on US
    • traddata : internal datas of data phone sets
    • tradeq : with equipment number:terminals
    • tradna : with directory number:terminals
    • tradph : with physical address:terminals
    • traffic : dump counters of coupler msg
    • transcod : transcod special chars of string files
    • transisvpn : <description to be filled>
    • trkbusy : display TG busy barometer
    • trklimit : Display trunk group table limitation
    • trkstat : trunk status
    • trkvisu : trunk group
    • trschain : Dump of transit facility/notification area
    • ts4600 : time-slot state of a 4600 rack
    • ts5400 : time-slot state of a 5400 rack
    • tsint : it status between two int
    • tsio1 : it status on IO1 card
    • tsus : it status US-USCG, IR-IRC
    • twin : duplication of main CPU
    • ua_version : UA version of one terminal
    • usedentity : Display elements which used and entity
    • userscodestat : User Secret Code datas
    • usstat : datas of US shelves
    • utadown : downloaded code on uta boxes
    • varcpl_rout : coupler datas with physical position
    • vgclass : display of VG class for message
    • vgdigit : VG CCDn Digit Announcement
    • vgemis : broadcasted voice-guides
    • vgfile : Display Downloadable Vocal Guides file names
    • vgmespos : VG Message Position
    • vgmsg : voice guides and voice messages
    • vgstart : start voice guides
    • vgstat : vocal guides status on coupler
    • vgton : tonalities and voice-guides
    • vgtonrepl : tonas replacing voice guides
    • videoview : Video Index status
    • virwq : Display virtual queue
    • visu_ardyn : display dynamic link accesses information
    • visu_catjr : trunk categories
    • vmail : sympac access
    • vmailinfo : Info about voicemail
    • voipstat : statistics on LIOe boards
    • vp_pos_table : <description to be filled>
    • wbminfo : Info about WBM
    • wherevg : location of a voice guide or a voice message
    • wired_or : ports access before bascul
    • wq : <description to be filled>
    • wqacd : Display queue data
    • wqfsb : forseeable wait
    • wqpg : Display resource selection params of distribution dir
    • wqpglist : Display processing group list of a queue
    • wqplist : Display pilot list of a queue
    • x25visu : datas of x25, cluster, acces point
    • zacd : Display specific acd dynamic data for trunk
    • zccdn : Display specific acd dynamic data for trunk
    • zdata : datas of data terminals
    • zdjonct : jonctor datas
    • zdmict0 : with equipment nb:terminal type T0
    • zdmict2 : with equipment nb:terminal type T2
    • zdpost : with equipment nb:other terminals
    • zguide : <description to be filled>
    • zoai : datas of oai terminals
    • zuastat : list all non-HE subdevices 
  • Alcatel Digital Premium 8029-8039

    Alcatel-Lucent 8039 and 8029 Premium DeskPhones offer a rich digital communications experience and a great conversations comfort with an outstanding audio quality either in hands free or using the comfort handset. These new innovative design sets come with several ergonomic enhancements such as adjustable foot stand, alphabetical keyboard, backlit display, dedicated function keys, user friendly navigator as well as a comprehensive set of accessories. All these elements facilitate the user’s business day-to-day tasks. These two elegant devices complement and leverage all the rich telephony capabilities of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise platforms. Stay ahead by investing in world-class telephony equipment that thrives collaboration, and keep confident that your today investments will be your companions for many years.

    Alcatel Digital Premium 8039 -
    8039 Features:

    • 100px x 160px - 4 Grey level backlit display
    • Alphanumeric Keyboard
    • 4-way navigation cluster key
    • Excellent audio quality in handset and speakerphone
    • Intuitive Icons and soft keys
    • Dedicated function keys
    • Power over Digital Line
    • Compatible with the Alcatel 4009 series Digital phones
    • RJ-12 Digital line interface
    • RJ-9 for Corded headset
    • 3.5mm Dedicated headset jack

    Alcatel Digital Phone 8029 Series -


    • Superlative voice quality
    • Optimized ergonomics
    • Navigator
    • Dedicated function keys
    • Back lit Display
    • Intuitive icons and soft keys
    • Alphabetic Keyboard
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Compatible with 9 series Digital Phones (40x9)
    • Wall-mountable

    • Easy installation, support plug and play provisioning
    • Easy to use with feature buttons and interactive soft keys
    • Improve employees efficiency and productivity
    • Offer the full range of telephony services found in Alcatel-Lucent’s acclaimed communication servers — OmniPCX Office RCE and OmniPCX Enterprise — unsurpassed in terms of functionality, features, reliability and quality of service.
    • Leverages the installed base of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX systems
    • Energy Efficiency


    Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa PABX Alcatel terdiri dari type Crystal Hardware dan Common Hardware, Nah jika dari fisik bentuk saja sudah berbeda maka modul, card atau spare parts pun tentunya berbeda pula. Pada artikel kali ini admin akan menampilkan spare part terutama card-card yang digunakan pada PABX Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprises atau Alcatel 4400. 

    Image by: Alcatel Corp | Alcatel-Lucent PABX

    Beberapa card/modul yang digunakan pada Tipe Crystal atau ALCATEL 4400 adalah sebagai berikut:

    1. NDDI, NDDI2 Card dikenal Non Direct Dialing In, Modul atau Card ini digunakan untuk koneksi PABX dengan analog CO Trunk. 1 card NDDI/NDD2 memiliki kapasitas 8 analog line (co trunk). Biasanya NDDI card terdapat optional card berbentuk lebih kecil yang memiliki fungsi seperti: Calling Line Identification Protocol Interface Adaptor (CLIPIA) fungsinya untuk menampilkan nomor penelpon(caller ID) dan sebagai pendeteksi penggunaan pulsa. Selain CLIP card ini pada NDDI juga terdapat Tax Metering umumnya ini berkaitan dengan 12/16 Khz 
    2. CPU7 merupakan tempat tersimpannya semua setting dan konfigurasi dari PABX Alcatel, Card ini terpasang pada slot 6 dan 20 pada cystal hardware.
    3. UA32/eUA32, Ini merupakan card untuk Operator attendant console 4059, Pesawat telephone digital, selain itu juga bisa digunakan untuk koneksi RBS(radio based station). 1 Card UA32/eUA32 memiliki kapasitas 32 Extension.
    4. Z32/eZ32 digunakan untuk koneksi telephone analog (analog extension), memiliki kapasitas 32 extension.
    5. PRA2/NPRAE, Primary Rate Access/ New Primary Rate Access card ini memiliki fungsi untuk membuat inter-koneksi selain itu juga card ini juga digunakan untuk koneksi Co Trunk E1 atau ISDN
    6. RMA Card, Remote Maintenance Access, Sesuai namanya RMAB digunakan untuk keperluan remote access maitenance PABX Alcatel 4400.
    7. INTIP, digunakan untuk membuat SIP Trunk dan juga untuk system redundancy.
    Image by: Alcatel UA/eUA32 Alcatel OmniPCX

    Jika anda memiliki kebutuhan card-card tersebut diatas, adalah tempat yang tepat. dapatkan harga menarik untuk semua spare part alcatel PABX. Selain menjual spare part juga menjual license alcatel pabx, upgrade system pabx dan maintenance pabx alcatel di bali dan nusa tenggara.

    Artikel lain:

  • Linkman Wireless Calling System di Bali Rental atau Menjual

    Seperti Artikel sebelumnya mengenai Wireless Calling System - pada postingan kali ini kami akan membahas mengenai beberapa merk product Wireless Calling System yang bisa anda dapatkan dengan cara membeli maupun menyewanya.

    Membeli atau menyewa paket wireless calling system adalah keputusan yang sangat baik untuk memberikan pengalaman lebih kepada pengunjung restaurant, bar, cafe tempat karaoke anda. 

    Anda tidak membutuhkan banyak banyak pegawai untuk melayani permintaan pengunjung, yang ada butuhkan adalah tombol wireless calling sytem disetiap meja dan 1 receiver sebagai monitor untuk mengetahui dari mana datangnya panggilan tersebut

    Di anda tidak hanya bisa membeli wireless calling system namun juga dapat menyewa dengan system pembayaran dimuka atau bulanan. Anda cukup fokus dengan operational restaurant, cafe atau karaoke urusan maintenance wireless calling system serahkan kepada kami. menjual dan atau menyewakan beberapa merk ternama: seperti Meeya Wireless Calling System. LinkMan Wireless Calling System dan KOQI Wireless Calling System

    Product LinkMan antara lain:

    Image by: LM9000F Series Wireless Calling System

    LM T9000F, tersedia dalam 2 warna: LM T9000F Black dan LM T9000F White : Waterproof sehingga dapat digunakan pada ruangan/tempat yang lembab atau rentan terkena air seperti pool bar dll. Dapat beroperasi hingga 50000 kali pencet (atau kurang lebih setahun pemakaian ). Terhubung menggunakan wirelless tanpa kabel.

    Receiver Link Man: LM D302 NF, LM D102 NF, LM D303 KF, LM D302 KF, LM D202 KF, LM D104 KF, LM D102 CN, LM 404 BF

    Pada dasarnya semua type receiver memiliki fungsi yang sama Monitor yang menampilkan digit angka dengan 1,2 atau 3 display yang dapat menampilkan angka maupun alphabet, Dapat diatur nada serta volume dering yang diinginkan. Dapat menjangkau ruangan 100 meter tanpa sekat atau 80 meter dengan sekat.

    Image: LM 404 BF Receiver LinkMan Wireless Calling System

    keyword: menjual wireless calling system bali, wireless calling system rental, menyewakan wireless calling system bali, wireless calling system bali, table calling system bali, linkman wireless calling system, meeya wireless calling system bali, koqi wireless calling system bali. jual wireless calling system bali, rental wireless calling system bali.

    simak artikel lainnya;

    1. Wireless calling system for Bar, Restaurant
    2. Restaurant Wireless Calling System

  • Instalasi Hikvision CCTV di Tabanan

    Instalasi / Pemasangan CCTV di sebuah perusahaan pemotongan ayam ini sebenarnya project dari tahun lalu, tepatnya tahun 2019. Namun baru dapat diselesaikan pada September 2020. Proses dealing pada awal Februari 2020 setelah PO diterima dan DP dibayarkan pertengahan Februari 2020 barang pun kami kirim ke pabrik yang terletak di Desa Bonian, Selemadeg Tabanan. Total ada 16 Hikvision kamera outdoor dan 6 Indoor camera. 

    Image by: DPU-Bali Instalasi CCTV Hikvision Bali

    Instalasi CCTV diawal survei titik-titik yang akan dipasang kamera kemudian dilakukan meeting koordinasi dengan tim dari perusahaan. Instalasi CCTV diperusahaan nasional ini menggunakan full pipa conduit. Pekerjaan Instalasi CCTV sempat berhenti akibat pandemi Covid-19, setelah sempat terhenti beberapa bulan awal September 2020 Instalasi CCTV pun berlanjut dengan syarat Rapid Test report.

    Image by: DPU Bali- Pemasangan CCTV di Tabanan Bali | Merupakan ICT Solution Provider yang menjual berbagai merk CCTV di Bali seperti SPC CCTV, Hikvision, Egde, CP PLUS CCTV dan merk-merk lain.

    Tahap terakhir project instalasi CCTV di Tabanan ini kami akhiri dengan commissioning dengan pihak perusahaan, satu per satu arah kamera kita atur sesuai permintaan user.

    Image by: DPU Bali - Instalasi CCTV di Tabanan Bali

    Tidak lupa kami pun berfoto sebelum meninggalkan pabrik tersebut. :-)

    Jika anda membutuhkan vendor CCTV berbagai merk di Bali atau Nusa Tenggara silahkan hubungi kami. Dengan senang hati kami akan membantu memenuhi kebutuhan CCTV diperusahaan anda.

  • Industrial PC di Bali

    Pernah mendengar istilah Industrial PC? Industrial PC adalah komputer yang dibuat dan ditujukan untuk keperluan Industri, dengan bentuk nettop dan rack server. Industrial PC memiliki kehandalan dan standar presisi yang lebih tinggi dari pada PC biasa dan umumnya memiliki harga yang lebih tinggi.

    Image by: partner : Industrial PC

    Mengapa harus menggunakan Industrial PC:

    1. Ketahanan yang jauh lebih baik dari Mini PC, NUC, Raspberry, dll.
    2. Ketahanan terhadap suhu ekstrim antara -20oC hingga 80oC
    3. Ketahanan terhadap goncangan (contoh aplikasi penempatan pada moda transportasi) & debu (fanless)
    4. Ketahanan kinerja 24 jam dengan optimal
    5. Investasi yang lebih baik dan murah daripada pembelian berulang akibat kerusakan/ penggantian/ perbaikan dengan menggunakan Mini PC, NUC, Raspberry, dll.
    6. Jaminan ketersediaan stok unit yang sama untuk jangka waktu 5-10 tahun setelah pembelian

    Industrial PC biasanya dibutuhkan untuk penggunaan komputer pada kondisi-kondisi tertentu misalkan: tempat penyimpanan tanpa pendingin ruangan, terbatasnya space(tempat) penempatan komputer, tempat dengan getaran yang tinggi dll. Industrial PC dibutuhkan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan seperti Videotron, Digital Signage, Kiosk, Vending Machine, POS, dsb.) dan juga Smart IoT Manufacturing (Logistics, Machine Vision, & Robotic), serta berbagai project IoT lainnya seperti (Smart Streetlight, Toll & Parking System, Ticketing Machine, & In-Vehicle Signage)

    Industrial PC Product: Seperti Single Board Computer: PICO-ITX, PFM, GENE(3.5), EPIC(PC/104), PCM, FSB

    Tertarik menggunakan Industrial PC untuk kebutuhan khusus perusahaan anda? contact hotline _62 857 383 55 909 email: 

  • Instalasi Videotron Bali

    Pernah melihat layar besar di Sunset Road - persimpangan jalan nakula; Itu adalah contoh videotron - videotron identik dengan media promosi yang menggunakan teknologi LED, dengan ukuran yang besar videotron mampu menarik perhatian setiap orang untuk melihat pesan, iklan yang disampaikan; dengan videotron content yang ditampilkan tidak saja berupa text dan gambar, namun juga berupa video / animasi layaknya sebuah TV dengan ukuran besar. 

    Baru-baru ini tim visual audio kami mendapatkan kepercayaan untuk instalasi / pemasangan videotron dikantor sebuah partai politik terbesar di Bali. 

    Pekerjaan pemasangan vediotron seperti merakit sebuah personnal computer; dengan modul atau parts yang terpisah kemudian dipasang satu per satu hingga menjadi layar lebar. videotron biasa juga identik dengan digital signed bisa dipasang indoor maupun outdoor.
    Image: tim DPU-Bali; Instalasi Videotron Bali
    image by: tim dpu -bali; pemasangan videotron Bali
    image by: tim dpu-bali; pemasangan videotron Bali

    Tertarik menggunakan videotron diperusahaan anda? segera hubungi hotline +62 857 3835 5909 email: 

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