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Data Piranti Utama

Based in Badung-Bali, Data Piranti Utama is an ICT Managed Services that focus on network installation for CCTV, Data Network, WiFi and Telephony (IP PABX). Having experiences as executor in several projects in retail companies, factories and hotels is our strength to become your trusted business partner. We proudly collaborate with professional principles and resources to perfect our strengths to meet your business needs. Get the best products and services from us now!

  • Perum The Cultural 3B Jl. Penganyutan Br. Pasekan Buduk, Mengwi-Badung, Bali
  • +62 857 3835 5909

Our Skills

We are confident on:

WiFi Hotspot 90%
CCTV 70%
PABX/Telephony 95%
System Integrator 60%

ICT Infrastructure

Data is critical assets of any business.Nowadays data is the most valuable to create business plan. Find out how we deliver your ICT Infrastructure needs at best standard.

Smart (People)Counting System

Explore out smart (people)counting system to make marketing, promotion strategy for your hotel, beach club or retail shop.

ICT Maintenance Services

Keep focus with your business objective and let us focus to maintain all of your ICT equiptment;CCTV, Internet and PABX.


In order to attend enhanced customer satisfaction. We offers the PABX system to increase staff efficiency at reduced operational cost and overheads. Get competitive price for ALCATEL, YEASTAR, LG NORTEL, TRANSTEL and also the telephone set Alcatel, Teledex, Telematrix(Cotel) etc

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras such as Samsung, HIKVISION, DAHUA, Panasonic, Edge, Geovision etc.

Fast support

1x24 Hour Support Services

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  • DBOXTER Touchless Handwash,Handryer and Handsanitizer

    Menuju kehidupan NEW-Normal instansi pemerintah dan swasta dituntut untuk mengimplementasikan standar protokol kesehatan. Adapun standar new normal antara lain:
    1. Setiap tempat usaha melakukan pengecekan suhu badan baik untuk karyawan maupun pengunjung atau tamu.
    2. Menyediakan tempat untuk mencuci tangan hingga handsanitizer.
    Itu adalah standard dasar yang wajib bagi instansi untuk dapat beroperasi dan tetap produktif. Menjawab standar kesehatan yang ditetapkan memperkenalkan produk DBOXTER. DBOXTER terdiri dari tiga features :
    1. Touchless Hand wash - Mencuci tangan tanpa sentuhan
    2. Touchless Hand dryer - Mengeringkan tangan tanpa sentuhan
    3. Touchless Hand sanitizer - Mensterilkan tangan
    Sebagai informasi bahwa DBOXTER tersedia dalam dua jenis: 
    1. DBOXTER Ver 3
    2. DBOXTER Lobby Series
    Bedanya DBOXTER Lobby Series di lengkapi dengan UV-C Sterilization dimana sangat ampuh untuk membasmi virus.

    Image By: | DBOXTER Ver3

    DBOXTER sangat cocok digunakan disemua tempat: Pasar Tradisional, Supermarket, Hotel, Puskesmas, Klinik, Bank, Restaurant dll.

    Image By: | DBOXTER Lobby Series
    Dan kami memberikan free design logo dan nama perusahaan. DBOXTER dibuat dengan inovasi sensor Infrared untuk Spray tanpa sentuhan sangat efektif, bebas perawatan dan praktis serta portable.

    Untuk kebutuhan DBOXTER, silahkan kontak melalui hotline: +62 857 3835 5909 atau emai:


    Get more information and quote now!


    Perum The Cultural 3B Jl. Penganyutan Br. Pasekan Buduk, Mengwi-Badung, Bali, Indonesia



    +62 857 3835 5909


    +62 361 9060207