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Data Piranti Utama

Based in Badung-Bali, Data Piranti Utama is an ICT Managed Services that focus on network installation for CCTV, Data Network, WiFi and Telephony (IP PABX). Having experiences as executor in several projects in retail companies, factories and hotels is our strength to become your trusted business partner. We proudly collaborate with professional principles and resources to perfect our strengths to meet your business needs. Get the best products and services from us now!

  • Perum The Cultural 3B Jl. Penganyutan Br. Pasekan Buduk, Mengwi-Badung, Bali
  • +62 857 3835 5909

Our Skills

We are confident on:

WiFi Hotspot 95%
CCTV 80%
PABX/Telephony 95%
System Integrator 80%

ICT Infrastructure

Data is critical assets of any business.Nowadays data is the most valuable to create business plan. Find out how we deliver your ICT Infrastructure needs at best standard.

Smart (People)Counting System

Explore out smart (people)counting system to make marketing, promotion strategy for your hotel, beach club or retail shop.

ICT Maintenance Services

Keep focus with your business objective and let us focus to maintain all of your ICT equiptment;CCTV, Internet and PABX.


In order to attend enhanced customer satisfaction. We offers the PABX system to increase staff efficiency at reduced operational cost and overheads. Get competitive price for ALCATEL, YEASTAR, LG NORTEL, TRANSTEL and also the telephone set Alcatel, Teledex, Telematrix(Cotel) etc

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras such as Samsung, ACTi CCTV, HIKVISION, DAHUA, Panasonic, Edge, Geovision etc.

Fast response

1x24 Hour Support Services

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Showing posts with label Cotell Fuego SmartStation. Show all posts
  • Pengiriman Cotell FG1066A(1S)1M ke Jimbaran

    Penjualan pesawat telphone kali ini untuk sebuah hotel dibilangan Jimbaran, Sebagai informasi Cotell FG1066A memiliki bentuk yang amat mungil. Cotell Fuego FG1066A ini memiliki 3 service keys, flash, redial dan volume control.

    Image by: | COTELL FG 1066A

    Image by: | COTELL FG1066A 

    Untuk kebutuhan pesawat telpon hotel: seperti Cetis Teledex, Telematrik, Cotell, Vtech dll segera kirim email ke atau hubungi hotline / WA 085738355909 menjual berbagai kebutuhan telekomunikasi PABX, IPPABX, Telephone analog, digital maupun IP Phone berbagai merk.

  • On Call Service: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Nusa Dua Bali

    On Call Service kali ini disebuah Marketing Office sebuah chain hotel ternama di Nusa Dua. Ceritanya seluruh telpon dikantor tersebut mati total. Sebagai informasi marketing office hotel dengan logo burung tersebut menggunakan IP-PBX Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise. Beberapa card yang terpasang pada Media Gateway antara lain:

    • MIX 4/8/8 Alcatel Modul
    • ISDN Access T0/ Alcatel BRA 4 modul 
    • ISDN Access - E1 Alcatel PRA T2 modul 
    • Gateway Driver Processing Unit / Alcatel GD modul
    • Call Server Processing Unit / Alcatel CS modul
    • Analog Interfaces / Alcatel APA-16 modul
    Image by: | Alcatel Lucent Media Gateway

    Setelah dilakukan pengecekan GD modul terindikasi low power: Red Led saat kondisi power button off, Off Led saat kondisi power button ON. Langkah - langkah yang dilakukan mencoba untuk mindahkan posisi CS ke posisi GD - tetap tidak ada tanda-tanda kehidupan. Kesimpulan Media Gateway rack bermasalah - low power.

    Setelah unit replacement sampai, kami pun mengganti media gateway 2 hari kemudian. Pergantian unit tidak butuh waktu yang lama. Setelah semua modul terpasang pada posisi semula kami pun memasang media gateway pada rack server. 15 menit kemudian semua telpon pun berfungsi normal: Beberapa pesawat telp yang digunakan antara lain:  Alcatel IP Phone 4018 & Alcatel IP Phone 4038.

    Image by: | Alcatel Lucent Media Gateway tidak hanya menjual unit PABX tapi juga melayani maintenance & on call service semua merk PABX seperti: Panasonic, Nortel, AVAYA, NEC, Transtel dll. Berbagai jenis pesawat telpon untuk hotel juga bisa anda dapatkan seperti Cetis Teledex, Telematrik, Cotell, Scientic, Vtech dll. Tersedia juga berbagai merk IP Phone seperti: Yealink, Fanvill, Cisco, Alcatel IP Phone, NEC IP Phone, Panasonic IP Phone dll. melayani maintenance dan on call service diseluruh indonesia. Percayakan kebutuhan PABX dan Telekomunikasi anda kepada
    #datapirantiutama, #dpubali #teledexbali, #cotellbali, #alcatelbali

  • Cotell Fuego FG1080 Single Line Analog Hotel Phone

    Tidak dipungkiri Cotell Fuego memiliki pasar yang lumayan luas di Indonesia. Ini menunjukkan bahwa product yang dibuat di China ini dapat diterima di pasar Internasional. Baru-baru ini kami mensupply Cotell Fuego FG1080-A(1S)-SP disebuah hotel di Sanur, Bali. Tidak banyak - hanya beberapa unit. Cotell Fuego FG1080-A(1S)-SP yang kami supply hanyalah unit pengganti.

    image by: Cotell Fuego FG1080-A(1S)-SP|

    Sedikit informasi Cotell Fuego 1080-A(1S)-SP memiliki spesifikasi sebagai berikut:
    • Analogue (TDM) Phone, compatible with all major PBX/PABX telephone systems such as Alcatel Lucent, Nortel, Avaya, Transtel, Panasonic PBX, Transtel, NEC etc
    • Single line
    • High Quality Speakerphone
    • 0-6 Programmable Guest Service Keys
    • Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL)
    • Faceplate for customisation, guest key icons, logo/branding, and dual-lingual dialling instructions
    • Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute
    • Adjustable Ringer Volume
    • Hold, Redial, and Flash keys
    • Adjustable Flash-Hook timing
    • Conference call function (2-line phones only)
    • Premium Gloss Acrylic Finish or Matte Finish
    • Hi-Grade Screen-printed Polycarbonate Faceplates (option)
    Cotell Fuego FG1080-A(1SP)-SP adalah salah satu tipe dari 3 tipe yang tersedia untuk Seri Cotell Fuego Smartstation. 2 Tipe lainnya antara lain.

    1. FG1080A(1S), Fuego SmartStation SL (analog) 1 line telephone with 0-6 Guest Service Keys.
    2. FG1080A(1S)SP-WM, Fuego SmartStation SL (analog)  1 line speakerphone with 0-6 Guest Service Keys (wall mount version)
    Untuk kebutuhan Cotell Fuego guest room phone set atau telephone hotel segera hubungi Selain Cotell Fuego kami juga menjual berbagai merk lain seperti Teledex Cetis, Telematrix, Alcatel Nortel, Avaya IP Phone, Yealink SIP Phone, Fanvil SIP Phone, New Rock SIP Phone dll.

  • Cotell Fuego T USB Series - Guest Phone with USB Charger

    The new T Series USB from Cotell combines contemporary style and convenient USB charging - the ideal solution for today's traveler.

    Image by: | Fuego T USB Series

    Designed to address the needs of discerning hoteliers, the T Series combines long established hospitality phone feature with modern and sophisticated design. Build to endure and withstand years of daily use without losing it's pristine looks the T Series is a smart investment reliably ensuring you and your guest stay connect.

    T Series USB Standard Features

    • 1 Line
    • Analogue
    • 0-10 Guest Service Keys
    • Handset volume control
    • Ringer volume control
    • Mute, Hold, Flash & Redial buttons
    • Hands-free speaker phone
    • Auto configurable message light indicator
    • Full length faceplate
    • Desktop or Wall Mounted
    • Small footprint

    Optional feature

    • Dual +5V/2.1A USB Charger


    • Temperature: 40 deg C ± 10 deg C
    • Humidity: 95% RH max, no dew forming
    • Weight: 0.8kg
    • Dimensions: 23.6cm x 16.5cm x 9.5cm

    Model numbers

    • TE3000A(1S)SP
    • TE3000A(1S)SP-USB

    Available colors:

    Image by: | Fuego T USB Series Colours

  • Cotell Fuego SmartStation, Telephone Hotel

    Image By: Cotel-International.

    Cotell Fuego SmartStation Hotel Telephone adalah telephone analog yang diciptakan dengan menggabungkan fitur telephone perhotelan yang telah terbukti dengan desain modern dan canggih. Cotell Fuego SmartStation Premium adalah investasi cerdas yang sudah dipilih beberapa hotel kelas dunia. Cotell Fuego SmartStation tersedia single-line. 10 programmable keys, lampu indikator, redial dan speaker phone.

    Lebih lengkap, berikut adalah spesifikasinya:

    • Analogue & SIP Speakerphone compatible with all major 
    • PBX/PABX telephone systems
    • 1 or 2 line models (IP)
    • LCD Caller ID Display (optional)
    • High Quality Speakerphone
    • Solid Metal Base Stand
    • Premium Gloss Acrylic Finish (0ptional)
    • Sealed Non-Mechanical Magnetic HookSwitch
    • 0-10 Programmable Guest Service Keys
    • Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL)
    • Full-length Faceplate for customisation, guest key 
    • icons, logo / branding
    • Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute
    • Adjustable Ringer Volume
    • Hold, Redial, and Flash keys
    • Adjustable Flash-Hook timing
    • Data Port
    • Conference call function (2-line phones only)
    • Hi-Grade Screen-printed Polycarbonate Faceplates (optional)

    Jika anda membutuhkan Cotell Fuego SmartStation di Bali anda bisa mendapatkannya di Data Piranti Utama. segera hubungi atau hotline: 085738355909

    Get more information and quote now!


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