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Based in Badung-Bali, Data Piranti Utama is an ICT Managed Services that focus on network installation for CCTV, Data Network, WiFi and Telephony (IP PABX). Having experiences as executor in several projects in retail companies, factories and hotels is our strength to become your trusted business partner. We proudly collaborate with professional principles and resources to perfect our strengths to meet your business needs. Get the best products and services from us now!

  • Perum The Cultural 3B Jl. Penganyutan Br. Pasekan Buduk, Mengwi-Badung, Bali
  • +62 857 3835 5909

Our Skills

We are confident on:

WiFi Hotspot 90%
CCTV 70%
PABX/Telephony 95%
System Integrator 60%

ICT Infrastructure

Data is critical assets of any business.Nowadays data is the most valuable to create business plan. Find out how we deliver your ICT Infrastructure needs at best standard.

Smart (People)Counting System

Explore out smart (people)counting system to make marketing, promotion strategy for your hotel, beach club or retail shop.

ICT Maintenance Services

Keep focus with your business objective and let us focus to maintain all of your ICT equiptment;CCTV, Internet and PABX.


In order to attend enhanced customer satisfaction. We offers the PABX system to increase staff efficiency at reduced operational cost and overheads. Get competitive price for ALCATEL, YEASTAR, LG NORTEL, TRANSTEL and also the telephone set Alcatel, Teledex, Telematrix(Cotel) etc

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras such as Samsung, HIKVISION, DAHUA, Panasonic, Edge, Geovision etc.

Fast support

1x24 Hour Support Services

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Showing posts with label Alcatel. Show all posts
  • Penarikan Kabel Fiber Optic - Villa di Canggu

    Awal tahun 2021 kembali mendapat kepercayaan untuk melakukan instalasi fiber optic disebuah villa di canggu tempatnya dekat dengan pantai brawa canggu bali. Ada delapan tarikan fiber optic dari central room ke arah villa dengan full pipa conduit, serta galian dan bobokan. Hari pertama dan kedua penarikan kabel pun selesai dan dilanjutkan dengan splicing: pemasangan OTB 12 core dan roset fiber optic dimasing-masing villa

    Image by: | Instalasi Wall Mounted Rack Router & OTB

    Selain penarikan fiber optic kami juga menyediakan perangkat Jaringan seperti Router, Fiber Optic Media Converter, Patch Cord baik LAN maupun Fiber Optic. melayani penarikan kabel LAN, penarikan kabel data, penarikan kabel telp, pemasangan wifi, pemasangan pabx, pemasangan access door, pemasangan smoke detector, thermal camera, face detection, pemasangan access point, pemasangan speaker, pemasangan finger print, pemasangan people counter system, jasa setting pabx, jasa setting jaringan, jasa instalasi pabx. Kami juga menjual pabx panasonic TDA, TDE, pabx alcatel, pabx transtel, pabx nec, ippbx yeastar s series, ippbx yeastar p series, yeastar ta400, analog gateway, FXO/FXS, SIP Modul dll juga menjual pesawat telp digital, analog atau pun IP Phone seperti : panasonic, yeastar, teledex, cetis, telematrix, cotell, fuego, alcatel, fanvil dll

    Segera hubungi kami di 085738455909 atau email: 

  • Dapatkan Alcatel Corded Analog Phone -

    Alcatel-Lucent selain IP PABX/PBX juga mempunyai handset atau pesawat telpon. tidak hanya IP Phone dan Digital namun juga analog pesawat telp. Alcatel analog phone bisa anda dapatkan di Berikut adalah beberapa tipe/model Alcatel analog phone set yang bisa anda dapatkan dipasaran.

    Alcatel T22 | a home with basic phone features | Cocok untuk dirumah maupun untuk office
    • Alcatel T22 is a home phone with basic features.
    • A dedicated key to help automatically redialing the last called number.
    • Offer a selection of turning on/off the ringtone and being notified of an incoming call by the flashing visual ringer indicator.
    • Alcatel T22 continues to operate even in case of a power outage.
    • Easily installed on desktop, or mount on a wall if needed.
    image by: Alcate T22 |

    Alcatel T50 | Analog dengan layar display caller ID

    Alcatel T50, pesawat telp analog yang dilengkapi layar display, penampilan yang elegan untuk sebuah analog phone set

    image by: Alcatel T50 |

    A complete Alcatel analog phone with *caller ID and handsfree function:
    • A display for visual comfort
    • Handsfree function to share your conversations
    • A 10 number directory to simply call your favorite contacts
    • A dedicated key to automatically redial the last called numbers
    • Detailed call log to check missed calls
    • Wall mountable to be installed everywhere
    *Caller ID features ini tergantung oleh system pabx dan provider yang anda gunakan

    Alcatel T26 | The residential phone with the essential features
    image by: Alcatel T26 |
    • A professional telephone that is ultra-simple to use.
    • The dedicated secrecy key is very handy for quickly cutting off the microphone when you need to have a private word with someone else.
    • The practical new message indicator light tells you at a glance if you have received messages* in your absence.
    *Subject to availability of PABX functionality or service provider subscription

    Alcatel T70 | A complete residential phone with dot-matrix display, handsfree function and 8 direct-memories!
    image by: Alcatel T70 |

    • Thanks to its large backlit display you immediately know the name of who is calling*.
    • It has a large keys keypad to easily dial, a direct access to the last incoming calls* and 8 direct memory keys to call your favorite contacts.
    • Once you are in conversation, you can share it thanks to a high quality handsfree function.
    • Furthermore, Alcatel T70 keeps working even in case of a power cut.
    *Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.

    Alcatel T16 | The ultra-compact featured phone
    image by: Alcatel T16 |

    • With its minimal footprint, the Alcatel T16  adapts to every company configuration.
    • You can install it on a desk or on a wall. Ideal for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, supermarket checkouts, warehouses.
    • The LCD display lets you see who is calling at a glance and access the 10-entry phonebook.
    • This ultra-compact telephone can also be configured with the parameters of your existing telephone system.
    • Available in dark grey or white

    *Subject to availability of PABX functionality or service provider subscription.
    Alcatel T06 | The ultra-compact slim phone

    image by: Alcatel T06 |

    • With its minimal footprint, the Alcatel Temporis 10 adapts to every company configuration.
    • You can install it on a desk or on a wall. Ideal for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, supermarket checkouts, warehouses.
    • This ultra-compact telephone can also be configured with the parameters of your existing telephone system.
    • Available in dark grey or white

    *Subject to availability of PABX functionality or service provider subscription.

    Jika anda membutuhkan telephone analog merk alcatel T22, Alcatel T16, Alcatel T06, Alcatel 50 dll silahkan hubungi hotline 085738355909 atau

  • Maintenance PABX Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise di Nusa Dua

    Bulan lalu mendapat kepercayaan sebagai representative support sebuah perusahaan di Jakarta- bisnis partner Alcatel-Lucent. Tugasnya untuk melakukan preventive maintenance di salah satu hotel di ITDC Nusa Dua - Bali.

    Image by: DPU Bali - Maitenance PABX Alcatel, Bali.

    Sebagai informasi hotel dengan kapasitas lebih dari 500 kamar tersebut sudah menggunakan PABX Alcatel OmniPCX lebih dari 10 tahun yang lalu. Sebagai pihak yang terlibat pada pekerjaan instalasi beberapa tahun yang lalu kami mengerti bagaimana infrastruktur dan sistem yang ada dihotel tersebut. Singkat cerita preventive maintenance pabx alcatel pun dilakukan. Setelah bertemu Technical Service Manager kami pun memasuki ruangan PABX yang terletak dekat dengan security check point. Preventive Maintenance dimulai dengan general cleaning diruangan PABX, selanjutnya melakukan physicals check terhadap modul-modul (card alcatel: CPU8, eUAI32, eZ32-32, NDDI2-2, NPRA, RMA card, INTIP dll) selanjutnya melakukan pengecekan connectifity dengan PABX PC Maintenance Console, dengan billing system dan koneksi antara CPU8-A dan CPU8-B.

    Setelah pengecekan koneksi diatas selesai, selanjutnya dilakukan pengecekan status card yang terpasang pada PABX Alcatel secara system - inService adalah status yang menunjukkan bahwa modul atau card-card tersebut berjalan normal. Pengecekan dilanjutkan pada port masing-masing card eZ32-2 dan eUA32. Beberapa hal lain yang dilakukan pada preventive maitenance kali ini adalah:

    • Pengecekan CO Trunk - baik dari sistem maupun dari MDF provider. melakukan trial outgoing dan incomming call. pada pengetesan ini ada beberapa hal penting sekaligus yang menjadi perhatian antara lain: CO Line-Trunk, Greetings (automated attendant), pilihan bahasa, background music atau music on hold. 
    • Voice Mail System Check; testing retrieve message dan test leave message
    • Redundant System, melakukan switch over CPU-a ke CPU-b atau sebaliknya.
    Tahapan terakhir dari preventive maintenance PABX alcatel adalah melakukan backup system baik itu database backup maupun system (OPS).

    Jika anda membutuhkan vendor untuk melakukan maitenance PABX di Bali atau Nusa Tenggara silahkan hubungi melalui hotline: 085738355909 email: melayani: jasa maintenance pabx di bali, jasa preventive maintenance pabx di bali, vendor maintenance alcatel di bali, preventive maitenance alcatel di bali. 


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